Successful Executives know this Secret

Some “gurus” out there claim to know “the ONE" secret to advancing quickly in your career and/or how to shoot your business to the top overnight.

Alas, if only this were so… then we could all plug this ONE magic idea into our business or career strategies and begin enjoying our newly acquired leisure time.

However “real secrets” do exist… One of the most powerful is your SPEAKING VOICE: It is the “secret” to sounding confident and charismatic and making sure your message is heard.

In fact, over my 25+ years of coaching executives and professionals, I have found that communicating in the most confident and charismatic way possible is the bottom line to selling yourself, your ideas, your products and your services.

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Are You a Leader who is Making this Colossal Mistake

It is already Feb. of 2019 and many business professionals and executives are still making this colossal mistake.

If I was a corporate executive, or an entrepreneur building a business today, there is one essential thing I would want to have with me at all times.

I want to talk about this one essential - because it's the most unrecognized mistake that most executives and business professionals make.

In fact, once my clients learn how powerful it is, they tell me that they wish they had learned this at the beginning of their career.

The mistake is not recognizing that how you speak is as important as what you say. Your vocal tone is the secret to confidence and persuasion in all speaking situations: conversation, sales, presentation, teleconferences…….

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A Great Opportunity to Speak for Success!

If not You, Who? If not Now, When?”

It was a long time ago when this was said to me and it has stuck with me through the years for many reasons.  

I know I’ve used it many times when helping clients to speak more confidently, clearly and powerfully. Too often they were slow to grasp the power of the speaking voice to be more influential in business and/or to make money in the market place. This uncertainty and indecision could cause them to miss out on a great opportunity for success.

There are many ways of influencing others and making money with your voice: sales, negotiating, facilitating, mediating, giving presentations and public speaking to name a few. One client started a successful business reading books on tape.

It is important to grasp the following fact. No matter where you are, every time you speak you are influencing or persuading someone to do something for themselves, for you or for a third party. So it stands to reason that speaking confidently, and clearly and with charisma is central to making more money.

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The #1 speech question asked by Business Professionals

Today I would like to share my answer to the #1 speech question business people ask during their free voice analysis consultation

“What is the most important thing I can do right now to speak more persuasively and start getting more customers, clients and patients and making more money?”

As I am sure you understand, there is not a completely simple answer to this question, but I can give you three executive speaking skills that you MUST put in place, if you want to speak powerfully and persuasively with potential customers, and increase your bottom line.

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"Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all." Helen Keller

In the 1962 movie, “The Miracle Worker”, a young Helen Keller, deaf and blind from a brain fever at 2 years old, found her voice through the efforts of Annie Sullivan who broke through the isolation imposed by a near complete lack of language, allowing Helen to blossom as she learned to communicate.

Annie gave Helen the gift of sign language: the one power she needed to communicate with the outside world and become a national symbol of courage. With her new found confidence Helen Keller became one of the 20th century's leading humanitarians, author of many books, international lecturer, as well as co-founder of the ACLU.

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