How Does A Heavy Accent Stop Your Career

If they can’t understand you, you may not be promoted.

Rolando, a fifty year old executive, whose native language is Italian, was told by his senior manager that his heavy accented, speed talking was one of the reasons he was not being promoted to the next level in his company. Michael a brilliant, middle aged Polish IT expert said that he definitely felt that he would be much further along in his career if he spoke louder and more clearly. Rajesh, who has three thousand people in his division, spoke very fast with a heavy Hindi accent and his General Manager told him that he needed to speak more clearly in order to be effective.

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How You Can Get Rich By Improving Your Speaking Voice

Knowing how to control your voice is a powerful tool that gives you a competitive edge in the business world. My clients, whether an employees or an entrepreneurs, realize that improving their voice will make them more successful and rich.

Charles, a business consultant working for a national consulting firm, was asked to give webinars in order to bring prospective clients on board.  Charles told me that during the first webinar he felt like he was doing a radio show and didn’t have the talent or the broadcast voice to deliver a great 45 minute show.

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How a Great Voice Can Close More Sales

Joan, the marketing VP of a national telecommunications company called me to “spiff up” their sales people. Joan said, The reps are not closing the sales, the morale is low and we’re turning over people every couple of months. Your website says, “You too can use your voice to increase your company sales and your rep’s, commissions.  If you can do that you’re hired to train 250 sales people.

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Can a "Wheel Chair Voice" stop your career?

A physically disabled person can level the playing field by using their voice powerfully.

Throughout my career, I have had the honor of working with physically disabled male and female business professionals and war veterans who were confined to wheel chairs. American Society has opened up more and more opportunities for the physically disabled: for example, more and better job opportunities and wheel chair access in public venues and during travel.

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How to speak for Success in 2013

To start out the New Year, Voice Power Studios asked the social networks, “Would you tell someone who needs to speak in public and/or business settings, that they’re voice is hard to understand.” Out of the many responses we received, here are three which, I feel, reflect a communication trend in America.

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