Can a "Wheel Chair Voice" stop your career?

A physically disabled person can level the playing field by using their voice powerfully.

Throughout my career, I have had the honor of working with physically disabled male and female business professionals and war veterans who were confined to wheel chairs. American Society has opened up more and more opportunities for the physically disabled: for example, more and better job opportunities and wheel chair access in public venues and during travel.

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How to speak for Success in 2013

To start out the New Year, Voice Power Studios asked the social networks, “Would you tell someone who needs to speak in public and/or business settings, that they’re voice is hard to understand.” Out of the many responses we received, here are three which, I feel, reflect a communication trend in America.

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Can a “Marilyn Monroe” Voice Stop your Career? Episode 4

Get Your Speaking Voice Ready for 2013

Debra, a former client, telephoned and said, “I woke up this morning and thought, Sandra will know what is wrong. I need to call her.” Fifteen months ago, Debra had called me to help her pass her consulting job interview and upon completing that project she was looking for her next opportunity. “Please analyze my voice again because I have not gotten past the first telephone job interview for the last three interviews. It isn’t because I am unqualified”

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Can Your Voice Stop Your Career? Episode 3

How Shyness in your Voice Can Stop Your Career.

”Since the early “70’s  the percentage of adults in the United States reporting that they are chronically shy, such that it presents a problem in their lives, had been reported at 40%, and in the recent decade it has increased to 50%”,  states Dr. Zimbardo, founder of the Shyness Clinic at Stanford University

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Can Your Voice Stop Your Career? Episode 2

How Hidden Messages in your Voice Stop your Career.

Sarah already had been told by her new CEO, what message her voice was sending.  It was hidden to her but not to her all male team and the new CEO and indeed the sound of her voice had put her career on the line. The new CEO had hired an independent firm to conduct a thorough review of everybody’s performance and as a result, Sarah’s job was in jeopardy, even though she held a powerful position and her knowledge and expertise were indispensable. Why?

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