One Sure-Fire Way to Get People to Know, Like, Trust and Buy from You.

“People buy people,” “People buy from people they like, know and trust.” In the words of Nick Nanton, a leading expert of personal branding and a top thought leader in the world.

“How people speak to other people makes a big difference as to whether people like, know and trust each other”. In the words of Sandra McKnight, renowned international expert in the speaking voice.

Today’s social culture has changed whom we admire, what we buy and how we make decisions about purchasing.

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Could this simple thing be stopping you from achieving more?

“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.”
Les Brown, renowned motivational speaker and authority on human potential

“Why do you want to succeed?”

That is the question I ask all of my clients in their voice power training.

There is one common thread throughout the many answers I receive....

You want to have enough money to have the freedom to do whatever you want in life.

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The most powerful communication force...Are you using it?

Let’s begin February with a powerful quote for continuing to move Confidently and powerfully into 2014.

"Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all." Helen Keller

In the movie, The Miracle Worker, a young Helen Keller, deaf and blind from very early childhood found her voice through the efforts of Annie Sullivan was able to give Helen the gift of sign language: the one power she needed in order to communicate with the world and have a life.

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7 Critical Voice Skills you need to be Successful

Your Voice is the most Powerful Communication Force Available. Are you Using It?

Most of us want to communicate successfully and engage our customers, clients and patients more easily and successfully. How wonderful to be able to consistently speak with confidence, clarity and charisma.

However, if you are constantly being asked to repeat yourself because you talk to fast, and mumble, or if you are asked to speak up because you are speaking softly in a monotone voice, stop beating your head against the wall and do something about it.

Many clients have told me how frustrating it is to state a great idea in meeting and then someone else in the meeting says the same thing and gets all the credit because they are more easily heard.

With the 7 Critical Voice Skills that form your outstanding “Wheel of Communication” you can close more sales, get credit for your ideas, and be a more engaging and persuasive communicator.

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How to Sell with Your Voice, Get the Competitive Edge!

Selling with your voice is easy! All you need to do is use your voice to engage your customer, client, and patient. When you sound open, professional and engaging, people will relax, listen and be much more inclined to buy.

Having control over HOW you sound sells your ideas, your services, your expertise, and your products. It is not only what you are saying, but how you SOUND when you say it that makes all the difference.

When you change your speaking voice you change your life. You get the competitive edge and become an outstanding communicator by developing your voice.

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