Theater of Life Performance Skills Program for Executives

Theater of Life Performance Skills Program for Executives is a two-day private coaching program that teaches you, a successful leader, to be a persuasive, compelling presenter who energizes, motivates and inspires an audience to action. You will learn effective tools to both perfect your speech writing and to create a charismatic delivery style that hits the target every time.

Sandra McKnight, a leading expert in the art of voice and public speaking, a professional actress, and an international speaker suggests that combining voice, and performance techniques with presentation skills is what adds that extra energy and enthusiasm to your presentation style, and gives you the personal power to express your ideas clearly, confidently, powerfully and spontaneously in front of a live audience, on camera or on radio.

Her proven Performance Skills Program, Voice coaching and Speech coaching programs include techniques to free you of anxiety, teach you to take control of the room, to command your listeners’ attention and to sell your ideas to your clients, employees, stockholders and the public.

A Voice Analysis Consultation from Sandra, combined with video feedback teaches you how to:

  1. Develop your unique personal strengths
  2. Enhance your public presence
  3. Focus your persuasive power
  4. Energize and motivate your audience, and
  5. Give an outstanding performance

Learn to:

  1. Free yourself of anxiety and tension
  2. Take control of the non-verbal messages you communicate
  3. Convey your thoughts and emotions more accurately
  4. Use improvisation techniques be spontaneous, clever and witty
  5. Take your leadership space
  6. Use effective body language and movement
  7. Project a rich voice and with clear diction
  8. Incorporate eye sweep and facial gestures
  9. Use animation and to focus your energy
  10. Develop language and vocabulary skills
  11. Present in front of any type of audience

Partial Client List:

Northrop Grumman Corporation, Intel Corporation, Prudential Insurance, EDS Corp. Ernst and Young Inc., British Petroleum Group. Complete client list Click Here.

For complimentary telephone consultation email , (US) 1-505-466-6500


microsoft"Sandra is a great coach and very skilled at bringing out the actor in us all. She opened my eyes to the potential that can be realized if speaking is performed in a way that connects with people through energy, personal emotion and voice. I look at my speeches in an entirely new way and the results have been very rewarding."
Barry Ridgway, Regional Sales Director, Microsoft Corporation


"Sandra is a professional at ease with her coaching of voice power that helps a speaker make a lively connection between the speaker and audience. Her work transcends cultural differences with passion and joy."
Eva Wong, President, Top Human Technology Limited, Shanghai, China


intel"Sandra has really helped me and others in our organization to get our messages across clearly and effectively to our people."
Keith Reese, Vice President, Intel Corporation


northrup"You brought out the actor in each of our presenters allowing them to develop a stage presence and confidence in their abilities without diminishing the message." Al Collie, Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation.

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