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Congratulations to Richard, one of my clients from a financial firm, for realizing his dream of producing and starring in his own radio talk show, and thereby creating a sphere of influence, which is bringing new clients to his company. It was personally challenging and a great achievement for him.

Challenging from the radio delivery side of his subject matter.  He wanted to feel totally comfortable and at ease with his radio audience and at the same time keep the discussion with his weekly guest informative, interesting and engaging.

After listening to his first run at it with a professional recording studio producer, he realized that speaking well on the radio or indeed in any media requires professional voice training. And if you are going to record the interviews and distribute them in the open market your vocal delivery needs to meet the highest professional voice standards.  

He needed to make the financial scripts both content compliant and at the same time interesting and engaging. This required using stories, anecdotes, quotes and language that sells ideas.  

As he was doing the writing, he learned the voice techniques necessary to sound articulate, confident, and in command.  For example:

  1. How to produce a rich, resonant sound that is supported by breath.
  2. How to phrase and pace his speech so his sound mesmerizes the listener.
  3. How to say his words clearly.
  4. How to find the power words in each sentence.
  5. How not to trail off at the end of his thoughts.
  6. How to eliminate all filler words,
  7. How to sound like an expert and at the same time be conversational.
  8. How to be expressive by using more inflection.
  9. How to project into the microphone.
  10. How to speak at an appropriate rate of speech.

Once those speaking skills were under his control, he could concentrate on drawing his guest into a compelling conversation that ads to the listener’s information base and engenders his/her trust.

Richard’s radio show is a tremendously effective marketing strategy, to give old and new clients the opportunity to tune in and hear him and his guest discuss new and current financial information.
I know Richard thoroughly enjoys his new role in the business media. He has told me that his voice training has benefited him tremendously both professionally and personally.  

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