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Jay, the CEO of a strategic advisory and investment banking business, learned that speaking with confidence and power during his weekly webinar marketing program was one of the most important things he could do to maintain and build his client base during our world wide economic downturn. He decided to use the power of his voice to engage both new and established clients and to empower them on both a personal and informational level.

I told him he needed to develop his leadership voice and to use his voice as a tool to engage, motivate and inspire his audience.  He needed to tell the inspiring story for that week and not just give out reams of information. After all one can get information from many sources, but there is only one place they can get Jay.  He needed to take charge of the invisible stage, the non-physical space between him and his audience. A space which is comprised of their emotions, intellectual ideas, assumptions, intuition, needs, desires, fears and most of all misinformation.

Make it happen Jay. Take hold of their hearts, minds and imagination and bring them into your vision of how it can be. In your voice alone, they will hear your passion, your commitment, and your expertise.

How? Pace yourself to 145 words a minute, so they can absorb what you are saying with ease. Enunciate your words clearly so you are perceived as being credible and authoritative. Vary your inflection and volume to keep them excited and centered on the subject. Take time to choose your words, stories, and anecdotes wisely. Practice your delivery.  Remember that Winston Churchill practiced the delivery of the World War II fireside chats for hours and hours. It was that important that he get it just righ

Winston Churchill was and still is correct. Speaking well, is an art and the human voice is a powerful tool to lead, motivate and inspire others.

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