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Do You Want To Use Your Voice
To Be More Successful?

"Sandra is a great speech coach. I look at my executive speaking in an entirely new way and the results have been very rewarding.
She opened my eyes to my potential to connect with people through energy, personal emotion, and voice."

–Barry Ridgway, Regional Sales Director Microsoft Corporation


Ready to get started! Call for a Voice Analysis Consultation NOW, 1-877-783-2455.

Discover how to speak with a voice that commands attention, and inspires and motivates others to take action, whether you’re an executive, in sales or customer service.

Is your voice important to your career? Do you want to:

  • Have “Executive Presence”?
  • Be heard as a leader?
  • Increase your sales?
  • Have a more engaging telephone voice?
  • Be taken seriously in meetings?
  • Project the confidence that will help you get promoted?
  • Be more easily understood?
  • Avoid having people ask you to repeat yourself?
  • Keep your audience engaged when you give presentations in person and on the web?

 If you answered “yes” to any of the above, select one of the following 3 executive speech coaching options to advance in your career.

1.One-on-One private voice coaching for a powerful and confident voice and/or personal executive speech coaching for compelling presentations with noted Executive Speech Coach and Voice Coach, Sandra McKnight, and begin achieving your speaking skills potential right now.
Call 1-877-783-2455 or use these links to get the details.
Private Executive Speaking Skills & Voice Coaching Program
Private Executive Presentation Skills Program

2.Voice Coaching Clinic. Discover how much more successful and profitable you and your company can be using voice and speech coaching. Use this link for details for on-site or tele-workshops.
Team Executive Speaking Skills & Voice Coaching Program
Team Executive Presentation Skills Program

3.Voice Analysis Consultation. On-line Voice Coaching. Work on your speaking skills at you own pace and register for our online tele-courses.
Call 1-877-783-2455 or use this link for your Voice Analysis Consultation with speech coach, Sandra McKnight
Executive Speech Coaching Voice Analysis Consultation

How Can You Mobilize The Voices Of Your
Company And Increase Your Business?

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a voice that makes people sit up and listen. People like Daniel Day Lewis, Meryl Streep, and James Earl Jones have voices that captivate us when they speak.

Your voice is the catalyst for creating action, whether you are a senior executive, sales professional, customer service representative, or a rising executive in your company.

Executive speech coach and voice coach programs can make your company speak with one voice when you give them the “voice tools for success”. Just as they need high speed internet and good quality phones, they need voice training techniques that help them speak with clarity, confidence, power, authority and persuasiveness and feel 100% confident while doing it.

You limit your potential business income and success, if you don’t speak with a leadership voice that motivates, inspires and sells your ideas and a powerful and dynamic presentation that causes others to take action.

For example, as a busy executive VP, who spends more hours than you wish to count speaking professionally, you may be leading an international conference call. And even though your clients are fluent in English, you feel they are not paying attention and processing emails during your call. Wouldn’t you like to have a compelling and engaging voice that keeps a client in Japan or a supplier in China listening and totally involved in the conversation?

Are you an executive ready to discover how an executive speech coach and executive voice coach can make you more successful by teaching you to use your voice more effectively?
For more details call 1-877-783-2455 or use this link.

Private Executive Speaking Skills & Voice Coaching Program

Sales Directors and Managers
Have you ever given a sales presentation to inspire your sales team and wanted them to leave the room charged and ready to conquer the world? Wouldn’t you like to deliver an enthusiastic, powerful and persuasive sales message that motivates your team to action?

Discover how an executive speech coach can make you more successful by helping you to deliver compelling presentations?
For more details use this link.

Private Executive Speaking Skills & Voice Coaching Program

Human Resources and Leadership Development Professionals
On your team you have a handful or more of employees who speak English as a second language. And, while they’ve had an excellent education and are highly qualified, many people find it difficult to understand them due to their accents. Imagine if everyone on your team spoke clearly and could communicate with power, authority, confidence and clarity as they progress in their careers.

Ready to discover how an executive speech coach can help you and/or the members of your team advance in your careers?
For more details call 1-877-783-2455 or use this link.

Private Executive Speaking Skills & Voice Coaching Program
Team Executive Speaking Skills & Voice Coaching Program

Customer Service
You are a customer service manager with 300 representatives in your care. Everyone works on commission and their product offers them an excellent opportunity for big paychecks. The representatives talk 8-10 hours a day and sound tired and robotic. Imagine your staff speaking with an articulate, engaging, persuasive, confident, and self-assured voice on every call and in every sales presentation.

Speech and voice coaching can increase your bottom line sales, give you many more inspired and satisfied customers, and create excellent vendor relationships

Discover how voice and speech coaching can increase customer loyalty and increase sales.
For more details use these links.

 Private Executive Speaking Skills & Voice Coaching Program
Team Executive Speaking Skills & Voice Coaching Program

Not sure you want to get started right now?
Take the first step to using a speech coach and voice coach to learn how to speak more effectively in business.
To get more details use this link.
“The Your Voice Is Power in Business” CDs

Speech Coaching
Foreign Accent Reduction
Voice Analysis Consultation
Public Speaking Skills
American accent training
Voice Exercise CDs - MP3s
Speech Coaching

Client Testimonials

"Speech Coach Sandra McKnight is absolutely priceless and her energy is contagious. She helped me become a more confident and dynamic speaker”.
Cathy Huang, Citi Corp.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Executive Speech Coach Sandra McKnight. She is a wonderful and effective voice and speech coach. She not only knows how to improve the mechanics and pronunciation of speech
but also has great insight into the psychological and emotional factors that affect one’s speech”

Amer Al-Nahhas, President Spaw Glass Civil Construction, Inc.

"Sandra, thanks a lot for the difference you have made! Sandra trains not only technical pronunciation skills but more importantly the attitude that is essential to projecting a public persona. By speaking more confidently, you become more confident. She does not need to know your language but can equally help you with speaking better in your own language"
MahChu-Louis Wong, BASF, Asia.

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